Friday, 30 August 2013

New Blog Location

Hello all and sorry for lack of posts this month!!  Lots has been going on including my new look website.  My blog is now located over at my website too so make sure you go there from now on for all my news!!

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

NEW PRODUCT ALERT!!!! The Bettie Pyjamas

It's that time of the season to introduce you to some new products.  Today I received my costing for these babies and so I thought I would share with you the lovely photos of the Bettie Pyjama Top and the Bettie Pyjama Bottoms that match perfectly with the Peach Bettie Robe.

Wear the shirt untucked like above, or for a more authentic 1940's look tucked into the trousers, like the photos below.

These shots were taken back in May when I had my photoshoot with Tigz Rice Studios, and Miss Honey Bare Hair and Make-Up Artist.  Here is a little blurb about the new products:

"Too add to the Bettie Collection the Bettie Pyjama Top and Bettie Pyjama Bottoms have been created.  Again this set is in a typical 1940’s style to compliment the Bettie Robe.  The top is a traditional pyjama shirt with gathers at the sleeve head for that 40’s twist and gathering above the bust.  It is finished with pearlized peach buttons down the front.  The style is loose to accommodate many bust sizes.  The pyjama bottoms are a high waisted style and in a typical ‘full’ style so reminiscent of the 1940’s.  There is a flattering detail ‘V’ shaped band at the front waist, emphasising a slim waist and full hips, and elastic at the back for slipping on and off."

They will be available late August early September and the shirt will be £105 and the trousers will be £110.  As always they are 100% Made in the UK!!!  Oh and make sure you zoom into the photos to see the AMAZING necklace that I was kindly loaned by Pip Jolley Jewellery.  I HAVE to have one of these!!!  It is cast in silver then dipped in yellow gold, even the clasp is gloriously luxurious!

I actually squealed with delight when I saw the clasp!  This beauty is a steal at £195 so head on over to her website and snap one up!  Which reminds me, I am going to the launch event of Pip's new video tomorrow night so will probably blog about it in the near future. 

In the mean time I would love to hear your thoughts on the Bettie Pyjamas.

Lots of Love
Betty xxx

Thursday, 18 July 2013

La La La La La America

I am back from the Americana International Show and currently basking in the summer sun.  Who knows, we may not get another spell of good weather like this in 7 years again!  So would you like to see how I spent last weekend?  Well go on then!  Here are some pics the delectable Ellen of B Millinery took of our weekend.

I first have to state that it was the hottest weekend we have had here in Blighty for A VERY LONG TIME.  And to add salt to the wound the fashion show and my stall were held in an aircraft hanger...........a metal aircraft hanger.  Needless to say it was like being on the inside of an oven AND I lost my fan.  So can I say I enjoyed my weekend?  Well no not really.  But the company more than made up for the hellish conditions.

Here are the gorgeous models making themselves look even more gorgeous, huddling in the shade to try and keep cool.  Shout out to Miss Jessica Holly (red skirt and white cherry top), I love this lady!  Great model and great person so go and check her out, she's a star in the making.

Here is Aislinn showing the models how it's done!  Aislinn is the lady behind Boo Boo Kitty Couture and organised the catwalk show for us all.

Then of course Ellen and I had a stall and rail side by side showing our wares.  So here are a few artistic shots Ellen took (I was far too hot and bothered to faff around with my camera ;))

Did the crowd love our wares?  Well of course they did!!!!  Did we do a roaring trade?  As good as could be expected, but it wasn't our target audience really.

The clientele was a strange one, I can't really figure out who their target market is at this festival.  It was like the cast of Cry Baby meets the cast of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and not in a good way.  Very very odd.  But there were a lot of pretty cars around to distract us from the strange landscape.  Again cue artsy pics Ellen took.

How awesome are the piggies and the mini car that child is in!  Well actually all the cars are pretty awesome.  So we did some gratuitous posing by a car............Except I really wasn't in the mood on account of being a bit tired and grumpy.

That's my 'hurry up and take the goddamn picture' face.  Fear it.  Ellen however did a much better posing job.

I guess I should get more practise in as we are going to Viva next year and there will be lots of posing in front of pretty cars to do.  Anyway back to the point of this post!

The fashion show.  On the first day I sat at the front of the stage and filmed my slot on the catwalk.  I have had SO much fun today editing it in Windows Live Movie Maker!  It's actually like a mini movie!  So here it is:

And yes there are some NEVER BEFORE SEEN NEW AW13 items in this video ;), can you spot them?  Well I will be releasing the official product photos of them over the next few weeks on facebook, my newsletter and right here on my blog - so make sure you keep checking and have signed up for everything!

All that is left to be said is a HUUUUUGGEEEEEEEE thank you to Ellie at Darlings Vintage, who put Ellen, myself and Miss Jessica Holly up for the weekend.  I can't speak for the others, but the best part of the weekend for me was being welcomed into your home and sharing 'lady fuel' (white wine), watermelon daiquiris and yummy food with your friends and your lovely Mummy.  I'm going to hazard a guess but I don't think Liam is going to appreciate this next photo, but we made him into a pin up girl!!!

Not sure he knew I took a picture but ho hum.  Oh and of course huge thanks to the lovely models that agreed to model my designs.  If you are interested in who modeled for me look at the credits in the video or keep checking my facebook page as I add photos and will link to their modeling page.

Lots of Love
Betty xxx

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

NEW PRODUCT ALERT - Peach Bettie Robe

Hello my lovely readers.  I have some exciting news for you all.  My fabulous London factory contacted me to tell me they had managed to fit a few of my Autumn/Winter 13 items a little earlier than they had pencilled me in for.  So this means I can release the new Peach Bettie Robe early :).  So without further ado here are the piccys of the Peach Bettie from the photoshoot I had with Tigz Rice Studios and model Fleur de Guerre in May.

it is exactly the same as the original leopard print Bettie Robe, except it is made in a glorious peach crepe back satin.  It is quite a heavy weight satin, so perfect for that in between weather, when it is not too hot but not quite winter yet.  She is going to retail at £235 and I have popped her up on my website for pre - order.  So go and snap one up!  Oh and did I mention that it will be in an increased size range?  It will be available from size XS through to XL to please even more of you ladies out there.

This robe is the ultimate in Hollywood Glamour.  I imagine Rita Hayworth would have had one of these in her wardrobe.  In fact I did spot a similar robe on Lauren Becall in a film I was watching the other month.  Can't for the life of me remember which one but here is a photo.
So you too can look like a Hollywood starlet with the new Peach Bettie Robe!  Head on over to my website to pre-order your robe now!

I hope you like this brand new product and I would love to hear your thoughts on it :).

Lots of Love
Betty xxx

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Mate Date

Ree Ree and her booze ;) (well ok one was mine)
Last night I was invited along by a good friend to Westfield shopping centre in London, for 'Make a Date at Westfield London'.  The concept is that Westfield shopping centre isn't just a place to go shopping for high street and designer goods, it can be a great place to meet with friends, have a bite to eat, cocktails and maybe visit the cinema.  I was offered a free dinner so thought why the heck not!  Food is definitely the way to my heart and I'm a sucker for a freebee.

I'm not usually a Westfield's kinda girl.  (For my foreign readers, Westfield is a huuuuuuuge American style shopping centre in London).  Being a small business owner my choice of purchasing is dictated by where I am the most; The internet and the supermarket.  I have heard only good things from my friends about Westfield's though as it is a convenient place where all the shops in the world are under one roof.  So if I were 'high street clothing' inclined (Holister, H&M, Debenhams ect), then it would probably be my first port of call.  Because I don't usually shop on the high street for my clothing, preferring vintage clothing and vintage repro, I wouldn't have necessarily thought about going to Westfield for a day out.  So it was nice to be pleasantly surprised by the centre.

There are loooaaads of restaurants dotted about, some in the centre but mostly in a separate outside section.  This definitely makes it more attractive to me as you don't have to go into the shopping centre to be able to enjoy an evening out.  The variety of restaurants was excellent ranging from the normal chain restaurants like Nandos and Pizza Express, to more up market chains such as Jamie Oliver's restaurant and Carluccio's.  My friend Ree Ree and I were invited to go to 'The Real Greek'.

We were treated to a glass of prosecco and a slap up meal each.  The meal was part of their summer menu which was two courses for £10 - not bad for a London restaurant.  Ree Ree and I decided to treat ourselves and get a pudding too, and to our delight they also included the puddings on them!  Here is what I had (as you can see I couldn't wait to dig into the pudding!  Such a bad blogger at taking pictures!)

I love hummus and all that sort of 'finger food' so the selection was right up my fact any kind of food would have been my thing!  (I am basically an obese person trapped in a skinny persons body, and contrary to popular belief I do like to eat and lots!). 

After our complimentary meal, Ree and I wandered around the shopping centre just for a nosey.  It was like being in America!  Personally I don't think I would necessarily make a day of it and go shopping there as there are no independent boutiques, which I pretend to prefer.  But if high street shopping is your bag then I can see why it is so successful.  There is a special section of the centre that is specifically designer stores, such as Jimmy Choo, Gucci those sorts of places so if designer brands are more your thing then they cater for that too.  Overall, if I was based in London, it would be a great place to meet friends for a meal and a catch up.  The choice is great with a budget for everyone with the added bonus of being able to pick up an outfit if I so wished.  I oddly felt like spending money when I was in the centre (even though I have no money!) so they are definitely doing the whole shopping experience very well!  Thank you Westfield's for treating Ree Ree and in default treating me!

Do you think that Westfield would be your sort of place?..............just don't go on a Saturday, I have a feeling it will be extremely busy!

Lots of Love
Betty xxx

Monday, 17 June 2013

B Millinery

Back in March I agreed to do a spot of modelling for my good friend Ellen, at B Millinery.  Well I can now show you some of the pictures of her fabulous creations.

Photography by Fashion Loves Photos
This is the Lauren Hat, perfect for the summer, and it has a matching bag made from the same material.  It is available at B Millinery's Etsy Shop and is £70.  I couldn't see the matching bag in her shop but I am sure that if you contact Ellen she will be able to quote you for it.

Then the next lot of photos aren't up on her shop yet, but I thought I would show them to you anyway.

Photography by Fashion Loves Photos
Photography by Fashion Loves Photos
This grey one is so cute, and matches perfectly with my pink dress!

Photography by Fashion Loves Photos
Again another hat that matches perfectly with my dress, the above straw hat with pink details.  I think it's a sign ;).  A lovely summery hat, perfect for the races.
Photography by Fashion Loves Photos
A behind the scenes shot of me preening to make sure the hat is perfect for the photos.

Photography by Fashion Loves Photos.
Group shot of moi and the other lovely models, Ellen on the left (Hat Creator Extraordinaire) and Lady May Den Voyage.

I do suggest looking at B Millinery for all your hatty needs.  As I have mentioned on this blog before, Ellen hand blocks each hat (ie they are not pre formed shapes).  Each hat is carefully crafted from a flat piece of material, shaped and finished painstakingly.  I do believe that Ellen creates bespoke hats should you want to re create the perfect vintage hat from a film or photograph.  So why not get in touch to order something special for Ascot and beyond.

Lots of Love 

P.S. I think there are some more pictures to come of different hats, so I will post those when I get them :)

Monday, 10 June 2013

Show Off!!!

This is purely a post to show off, so I apologise in advance.  Last Wednesday evening I had the pleasure of being invited to a reception to celebrate small businesses.....................AT NUMBER 10 DOWNING STREET!!!!!!  Who would have thought that little old me would be invited inside number 10!  Some prominent business people don't get that honour!

It was of course as a result of taking part in the Conservative Party run competition The Start Up Hub last October (which I won whooop).  All the finalists were invited and it was lovely to catch up with everybody to see how they had progressed in the last few months.  (One guy had just been bought a brand new Audi as a present from his investors, well jel!!!)

We had to leave our phones in the reception room, so there are no photos of the evening.  Needless to say it was very opulent through that front door.  High ceilings, ornate picture frames and paintings of past great leaders.  We were ushered through the building around and downstairs, and out into the garden.  On the way I passed a huge globe that reminded me of those globes that have drinks inside - I'm not sure this one had drinks in, but I like to think it would as it was so big it could certainly hold a good selection of cocktail spirits!  Anyway the garden courtyard out the back was a lot smaller than I had anticipated, the telly makes it look a lot bigger.  But it had a nice private feel to it with the high walls, hard to believe we were in central London.

As we arrived the guests were offered red or white wine or a soft drink.  Dave!!!  Where's the champers!!!!  I suppose it was appropriate as people may complain if the spread layed on was too ostentatious in these times of austerity.  But having waiting staff certainly made me feel special.  I was glad to see someone I knew when I walked onto the grass as there were lots of very important people milling around.  I was slightly alarmed to be talking to a big wig from Loyd's bank in the queue outside, especially when his friend from RBS turned up.  Fish out of water slightly sprang to mind.  So seeing some of the other Start Up Hub people was nice and reassuring.

I got talking to a few people I knew and also talked to James Caan of Dragon's Den, ooooo eeeerrr.  I also spotted Karren Brady, (I thrust one of my product postcards into her hand) but she was too busy to talk.  There were speeches from the Business Secretary, Vince Cable, and of course a motivational speech from the PM himself.  I like to think he was talking about my business when he said that Britain's economic future will be fuelled by us SME's.............but seeing as Loyd's and RBS was there I somehow think my little company will have any great impact haha.  Well one day maybe I will be able to employ someone!  I also spotted George Osborne milling around in the crowd.

Unfortunately I didn't get to meet David Cameron, darn!  I was so sure I could convince him to buy something for Sam Cam!  But none the less I had a lovely few hours and made lots of new acquaintances.  And I had a brilliant chat with the MP who invented The Start Up Hub competition, Damian Collins.  What a lovely chap!  And he works closely with UKFT so knew a little about the fashion/lingerie industry.  I shall leave you all with the one photo that I did manage to take.

My parents are so proud they are considering using this as our Christmas card this year, just to show off of course!  And so that concludes one of the most exciting and surreal days of my life.  I hope you enjoyed hearing about it!

Lots of Love
Betty xxx

Monday, 3 June 2013

Behind The Scenes

A couple of weeks ago I had my A/W 13/14 photo shoot with Tigz Rice StudiosMiss Honey Bare was the make up artist and luckily she had her camera on her to take a few behind the scenes pictures.  I say luckily, as I was all stressed from having to get all the garments ready for the shoot in time, so completely forgot to take any snaps!

The shoot was a boudoir themed, on location shoot.  The location being the Murder Mile Studios in Clapton.  It is a beautifully decorated studio with many interesting and quirky rooms.  Here are some of the scenes that we didn't use.

Teehee you can see Fleur in her rollers in the mirror!
The studios are a maze of rooms so there were many more that we didn't get to capture but were just as decadently decked out.

We, however, used just one setting.  Here is the Tigzmeister setting up her equipment.

Tigzy doing a spot of posing
Checking the lighting is correctly positioned
As you can see the boudoir set was perfect for showing the lounging nature of my products!  If only all our houses looked like this for when we wear our Betty Blue's Loungerie!  Once the models had arrived, myself and Fleur de Guerre, the first port of call was the hair and make-up chair.

Miss Honey Bare's kit
Working her magic on Fleur's hair and make-up
And working her magic on me :)
Everyone was amazed with how many pairs of shoes I brought to the shoot........what can I say, I like to prepare for every eventuality!

Considering how many shoes I brought, most of the pictures us models aren't wearing shoes haha, oh well!

I don't want to give too many details away so that's all for the behind the scenes pics, but on the day Fleur did post a cheeky sneak at the new colour way for the Bettie Robe.  Here it is for those of you who missed it/not on twitter/facebook.

Doesn't she look stunning!!  But you will have to wait until later to see the proper pics and the rest of the A/W 13/14 range ;).  For now I am having all the images made into look books so that I can send them out to potential stockists.  World domination is on my mind at the moment so I apologise if there is a lack of posts recently. 

Until next time.  Lots of Love
Betty xxx

P.S.  Much thanks to Miss Honey Bare for taking all the fab behind the scenes photos and letting me use them!!  You saved my bacon!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Free Gift

Hello everybody!  Well sales have been a little slow the last week or so and I am hemorrhaging money left right and centre with the new Nell Robe going into production soon.  So I decided to give away a little gift with the next 5 orders to hit my inbox as a little incentive for y'all.

A super cute little mirror, complete with protective pouch, just the right size for your handbag!  I had these made up by a new acquaintance of mine, Katie, at Oh Squirrel, specifically with the Betty Blue's Logo on. 

Aren't they gorgeous!  Well one could be yours when you order from my website!  There is no minimum spend, it's simply the first 5 people to order will get one.  So GO!

Oh and if you pre-order the Nell Robe, it will be sent with your robe in September when I get them from my factory so worry not if you don't receive your FREE MIRROR just yet.

Lots of Love
Betty xxx

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Premier Pamper Party - The Great Gatsby

Last Friday evening I had the pleasure of attending a Great Gatsby themed event, in honour of the Premier of the new film.  I went along as the 'hair and make up demo model', organised by the fabulous Miss Turnstiles at The Vintage Patisserie.  The official description of the event is as follows:

"For ladies who fancy having an indulgent evening full of glamour helping to transform you into an authentic Gatsby Goddess.

On your arrival you will be welcomed with a fabulous cocktail with top ups throughout the evening as well as a variety of sumptuous cakes and savoury bites to keep you going.

The evening will include a half moon manicure by the fabulous Minnie Moons and your hair set in a 1920s style with finger waves and pin curls in preparation for any plans you have for your Saturday night. Your hair will be set in with an authentic wet set and covered in a glamorous headscarf so that when you wake up on Saturday your hair shall be ready for any parties or events you have that evening!

There will also be a tutorial on how to brush out your set the following morning and a make up tutorial on how to create a 1920s make up look to finish off your new style.

There will also be a rail of amazing vintage clothing for sale so feel free to browse and try on! The vintage clothing is all from the USA where the best vintage pieces are found and sourced by Vintage King and Miss Turnstiles herself.

All of this is hosted at the fabulous Vintage Patisserie venue in East London to add that little bit of extra glamour to your evening with us."

It sounded like my kind of event so I was only too happy to volunteer myself to be the demo model.
Upon arrival, the lucky ladies in attendance, were offered nibbles and a cocktail (in a teacup!), whilst they were handed out a rough schedule of the various activities they would be taking part in.  I was also encouraged to eat and drink...........well it would be rude not to wouldn't it!

In rotation there were two pampering activities for the girls.  One of them being having their hair set in a 1920's style, by the lovely Miss Turnstiles.  Here she is at work, to the right. 

Simone set to work individually crafting each gorgeous girlie's hair into finger waves at the front, and pin curls at the back.  One thing to note is that this is a wet set, which is why it has to be set the night before your 'doo' as this gives it time to dry and set the curls in properly.  The front finger waves were achieved with brute force (manipulating the hair with your fingers and a comb) as well as with gel.  For this look setting lotion at the front isn't strong enough to hold the finger waves.  It needs the gel for its pliability when manipulating the waves, and the stiffness once it has set to keep them in place perfectly.  The picture below is how the waves look up close and personal, on my hair.

The clips just help to keep the set in place, especially as it has to dry overnight.  The ladies hair was then wrapped in a chiffon scarf, a la Land Girls, a little like my own Marilyn headscarf ;).

Also on the schedule was a manicure with the wonderful Sharon of Minnie Moons.  Sorry for the dark photo!  By the time I had remembered to take a photo, it was dark outside and I only had on me my primitive phone camera.  The girls were treated to a vintage style manicure (moons left clear of varnish a la Dita).  Several went for a typically 1920's deep shade to evoke the flapper style, whilst some went for my personal favourite a gloriously sparkly glittery red - the kind where you catch yourself staring at your nails every once in a while as they're so pretty.

Whilst the ladies were waiting in between slots to have their hair and nails done there was lots to do.  There was a Great Gatsby themed quiz to fill in, where there were prizes to be won.  Prizes included What Katie Did stockings, a book about F. Scott Fitzgerald's wife (Mrs Fitzgerald I presume) and yummy treats.  The ladies cups were constantly being topped up with the yummy Earl Grey tea based cocktail, and there was of course the yummy cream tea and cake selection and sandwiches to nibble on whilst chatting.  There was also a rail filled with delightful vintage clothing.  Miss Turnstiles has the good fortune of having a boyfriend who sells Vintage clothing!

There was a great selection on offer.  Everything from 20's flapper fringed dresses, 1940's suits, 50's prom dresses and 60's ensembles.  I did tell Simone to keep me away from the rail, but she was very naughty and did not control me.  The result being I bought the purple gingham summer dress in the above piccy, and a 1940's jumpsuit.  I am now poorer, thanks Simone!!!  A couple of the other ladies also snagged themselves a bargain and it was great fun to try all the beautiful clothes on.  It's like I said on the night, it's always right to treat yourself ;).

Once the ladies had all been thoroughly pampered, it was my turn to be really still as the hair and make up demo model.  Turns out I am rather good at keeping really really still!  I found it quite weird as usually if I'm told to keep still I twitch and find it impossible to keep still.  Anyway, Simone went through a 1920's inspired make-up look.  She went for a slightly toned down, more modern flapper look as a true vintage 20's look is quite extreme and modern gals might be a little scared to attempt such a heavy look.  So it was a smokey eye but in pinks and golds to keep in the flapper theme (as opposed to a grey/black smokey eye).  The base was a porcelain look (lucky for me as that is my natural complexion) with a flush of colour on the cheeks, as well as highlights on the cheekbones and brow bone.  Interestingly Simone also popped a little highlighter above the top lip and contoured below the bottom lip.  This helps to make them look fuller.  The lip colour was a deep red and the eyebrows were kept quite natural as they weren't as heavy as say a 40's or 50's look.  To finish off the eye make-up a light brushing of eyeliner was given that was also blended into the eyeline.  Simone explained that you don't want a flicked/winged eyeliner in an authentic flapper look.  I did take some pictures on the night of the make-up but the lighting wasn't showing it to its best.  So here are some pics from when I was at home and had a light handy to show the colours and the look better.

I really must ask Simone which eye shadows she used, they are so gloriously iridescent!  After the make-up was completed, Simone showed the ladies in attendance how to brush out and style their hair the following day, in preparation for whichever evening doo they were going to.  The front finger waved section was pretty much left as is just a but of neatening with the end of a comb.  The back pin curls were brushed and sweept up and under to create a faux bob.  Obviously the ladies with short hair need not pin up their hair in place.  And here was the overall look with hair and make-up.

A wonderful 1920's inspired look designed with the modern girl in mind - so it's wearable in modern circles with a big nod to the flapper style.  Again I must apologise for my photography.  If I had half a brain cell I would have got someone else to take the photos, in better lighting and with a prettier background!

Anyway, that night, in order to preserve the style the next day, I wrapped my hair in a headscarf like so.

This just protects the set overnight and a quick brush the next day and you have another day of delicious 1920's style hair.  Just a little tip for you for preserving your hair doo as it is a time consuming hair style to put in, in the first place :).

I had a lovely evening and I do recommend you paying a visit to this wonderful event.  I believe others are planned, just get in touch with Simone at: if you are interested in being pampered (who isn't!!).

Lots of Love
Betty xxx